We are a B.C. based business operating out of the lovely paradise known as the West Kootenays. We specialize in web-based solutions for businesses, non-profits and local governments.

What We Offer

  • Reliable and secure website hosting on servers in Canada.
  • Reliable and secure email hosting on servers in Canada.
  • Website updates - email us the content and let us do the heavy lifting.
  • Maybe you'd like to update your website yourself but lack the technical know how and would like a software solution to make things easier and more efficient.

These are some of the challenges we're here to solve.

At 3Birds we believe that computers are meant to be your tools to help make your life simpler; not the other way around.

Getting Started

Do you know what it is you want? Do you have a budget in mind? Don't exactly know where to start? Software can be a time consuming and expensive activity without clear understanding of both the end goal and the path that will be taken to get there. Let us help you bring some clarity to the problem you're looking to solve. We will parcel our services to suite your time and budget. It all starts with a conversation.