About 3Birds

First I'll explain where the name 3Birds comes from. The name is a reference to my family. My name is Jason, or Jay. My partner's name is Robin. She and I have a daughter together; her name is Wren. Super corny and totally true.

We live in the West Kootenays in the cozy Village of Silverton. Where is that exactly? Here's a link. Yes it's remote and yes it's breathtakingly beautiful. It also has an abundance of clean air and water.

Why is all this important? When you choose 3Birds you're really choosing me, supported by my family. We're a small business and have very busy lives. That means that we don't have much time to waste; which is good for you because rather than spend a lot of time talking about talking we'll be getting down to brass tacks quickly and efficiently.

I specialize in web and desktop programming, network architecture and communicating in plain old English. I have had extensive experience in website building, large scale data/erp/network migrations, custom report development and end user support. When building websites I stick to HTML, JavaScipt and CSS. If there's something that needs to be rendered dynamically (e.g. a gallery or blog) I handle that at the desktop then push static files to the cloud. This makes for a site that loads quickly and remains secure. If you'd like to know more about me here is my LinkedIn profile.