Photo Gallery Generator

Want to keep a photo gallery but don't want to code for each picture or render the page dynamically? This utility takes a folder full of JPG file and creates a full photo gallery. That way you render the site once and serve it statically increasing the responsiveness of your website as well as keeping things secure.

gallery generator photo

News Feed Generator

Would you like to have an up to date news feed? Are most of your announcements already on paper documents? Perfect! This news feed generator takes PDF files and generates a tumblr style news feed. The images in the feed are also links to download the original documents used to create the feed. Like the above program this is a "render locally and serve statically" solution.

news feed generator photo

Documents Feed Generator

Want to share a lot of documents on an ongoing basis but don't want the hassle of coding for every individual file? This program will scan a folder tree of documents and create a webpage of links. It also handles organizing the links and presenting them in a consistently formatted way. As with the News Feed Generator it is set to work with PDF files. This is another example of the "render locally and serve statically" solution.

documents generator photo